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Eicmation Control Valves System

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There are a large variety of valves and valve configurations to suit all services and conditions.

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Eicmation FTA Series Unbalanced Multi-stage Step-down Check Valve

FTA series features:

Eicmation FTA series unbalanced multistage step-down check valve adopts the design of multihole composite cage sleeve combined with unbalanced internal parts.According to the requirements of process parameters,design a number of different buck cage within the set of a combination of a multistage decompression,make the fluid from the first buck cage contact,energy consumption,over multiple step-down cage set gradually reduce the fluid pressure to prevent flash,and the occurrence of cavitation and erosion,improve the service life of the trims.

The use of unbalanced single-seat type,the valve core and valve seat joint surface closely match to ensure very low leakage.

This kind of inner structure is suitable for all kinds of process fluid which can easily produce blocking flow and cause cavitation corrosion.


Trim feature:Cage guide unbalanced trims,cage pressure valve seat,quick release structure,multi-hole cage combination

Boday type:Straight-through,angle,Z-shaped

Upper bonnet type:Normal temperature standard type,high temperature heat dissipation type,low temperature elongation type

Valve caliber:DN20-DN100、3/4’’-4’’

Pressure range:PN16-PN420、150Lb-2500Lb

Temperature range:-196℃-570℃

Body material:A105、F304、F316、F12、F22、F91,etc

Stem seal type:Standard packing seal,high temperature packing seal,bellows seal

Standard leak rating:Class IV(standard type,can be used as a V-class seal)

Flow characteristics:Equal percentage,straight line

Adjustable ratio:50:1

Connection type:Flange、Butt welding

Operation type:Pneumatic diaphragm,pneumatic piston,electric type