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Eicmation Control Valves System

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There are a large variety of valves and valve configurations to suit all services and conditions.

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Eicmation Vacuum Flapper Valve


After the pneumatic valve is closed,the sudden gas-off state remains unchanged;

Reliable sealing,long service life(more than 100,000 times),precise and stable movement,low vibration and noise,suitable for precision industries with high vibration requirements such as optics and lamps;

High cost performance;

Beautiful appearance.

Technical Parameter:

Nominal diameter:DN35-DN400

Interface flange:CF、ISO-F、Custom Flange

Scope of application:1*105-10-7Pa

Leak rate:≤1.3*10-10Pa.m3/s

Opening pressure difference:≤3000Pa

Baking temperature:Open≤150℃,close≤120℃

The flapper valve can provide customers with vacuum(dynamic seal)and ultra-high vacuum(corrugated pipe).The drive mode can be divided into pneumatic,electric,manual and electric cylinders.The valve principle:the spool is in the drive mechanism.The reciprocating motion is carried our under the action of pushing and pulling,and the valve core is opened or retracted to realize the opening and closing function of the valve.The valve can be self-locking after closing,and the sealing reliability is high.The main applications of Eicmation’s vacuum flapper valve are in the steel,automotive,aerospace,energy,and electronics industries.

Eicmation vacuum valve has the core technology

Unique spool design technology

Precision shell welding technology

Precision machining technology of valve shell

Special valve plate steel socket damping technology

Valve,vacuum degree closed-loop control technology

The valve has an average trouble-free service life of over 100,000 times and is reliable in use.