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Eicmation Control Valves System

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Support & Services

You can rely on our additional services in the same way you rely on the quality of our products.

Application Industry

There are a large variety of valves and valve configurations to suit all services and conditions.

Support & Services

Regulating Valve

Regulating valve is the most important control valve in industrial automatic control.Eicmation comes from 30 years experience in manufacturing thin-film control valves,product design which is based on customer requirements -direct stroke control valves,which is in order to meet the requirements of various working conditions,modular design concept,so that our all straight stroke control valve trims to achieve 100 percent replacement,different valve trims combination can meet variety conditions that ordinary or bad fluid or gas conditions of the process requirement.

We have following three packing glands

1. Using Eicmation’s patented self-sealing packing,as a standard type packing gland.

2. Using sulfur-free graphite high efficiency sealing ring,as high temperature packing gland.

3. Using bellow sealing packing gland for low temperature or toxic medium.Installing in the production site,contact with the medium 

Design Scheme

Control valve,it is composed of actuator and valve body and accessories.The actuator generates the corresponding pushing force according to the signal pressure to make the valve stem produce the corresponding displacement,thus drive the action of the valve core,by the action of the valve cord,change the throttle valve area,to achieve the purpose of regulation.The precision of adjustment is closely related to the valve core structure.Installing in the production site, perennial contact with the medium,working in high temperature and high pressure,cryogenic, strong corrosion,easy to plug and leakage of the bad place,is the weakest link in the control system,improper selection and design often make the whole system can not work reliably,serious will make the system paralysis.In this regard,our company uses Solidworks assisted design software to design and develop control valves,using embedded Simulation and flow simulation for static force analysis,flow rate,flow analysis and so on.The product can reliably meet the problems of different industrial and mining use and forecast use.